World Wide Knit in Public Day in Santa Barbara

So, if you’re a knitter you know all about World Wide Knit in Public day (if not, here’s a wiki article), which is when we knitting wizards venture out in full force to show the muggles our craft.

This year, the wonderful folks at theĀ Loop and Leaf – my knitting store here in Santa Barbara – went all out. There were yarn-y flowers everywhere …

Yarn flowers

… to complement the real flowers, which were blooming like crazy!

Huge hydrangea

We had speed knitting competitions (my group came in third), drawings, and food trucks came by to feed us delicious treats.

We had alpacas!

Alpacas in Santa Barbara

Damn these guys are cute!

Alpacas in Santa Barbara

We had spinners!

Spinners at WWKIP

The shop looked beautiful.

Loop and Leaf, Santa Barbara

Lots of people walking home from the farmer’s market were amazed to find lots and lots of people knitting on the lawn. The kids were really cute too – they’d wander into the crowd and watch and ask questions. More than a few sat down to knit a bit on spare needles that we fished out of our bags and balls of scrap yarn that roll around in there. It was great fun.

And when I got home after a long day of gabbing and knitting – yes, I actually got knitting done – and meeting new friends, I found Mr. Man had had a nice day of puttering around. He’d resorted to coaxing each kitty onto their own chair so he could goof off on the computer – so they were curled up like this when I arrived.

Kitties sleeping on chairs

It was a good way to spend the day. I met some new people and some people I knew. Made a new friend or two too, so things are looking good. After this, we went out to try a new wine tasting room and joined that wine club too. Seriously folks, you need to come visit, stay in our teeny-tiny guest room and drink up some of this wine that keeps getting delivered on our porch.


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