It’s time for a knitting update

I’ve been knitting here and there and I’ve got a lot of projects on the needles, so it’s time for a knitting update. First, however, let me tell you about my new chair. Now that the kitties can go outside safely in the back yard, we spend time out there everyday – it’s good for me and it’s great for them – so it’s a win-win.

I decided I wanted a chair that I could drag around the lawn to take advantage of the sun or shade. I also wanted it comfortable, weather-resistant, and it needed to let me spread out because the kitties would likely want to get on it too.

After a couple of tries and returns, I found this one.

knitting chair

It does all the things I want it to do, but boy is it a finger-pincher! Ow. Still this is the one I’ll keep.

The hummingbird feeder was moved to the back yard and the bird seed feeders were moved to the front yard. I found the seed was enticing lots of birds – good idea until you have kitties who are practicing their hunting skills. Then, it’s not so good. The hummingbirds don’t land and so they’re safe from the kitties. Still, when I’m knitting they often buzz around me trying to figure out if I have anything for them. I’ll try to get a picture, but they really move fast.

As you can see, I’m not the only one who likes the chair.

this is a great place to sit!

I started the Mediterraneo cardigan and have completed the back. I started knitting both sides at the same time and this is where I pulled out the yarn bucket my friends gave me before I left Colorado. It keeps both balls secure and feeds the yarn through and it keeps them out of the grass when I knit outside too!

I'm very glad they told me this was a yarn bucket - I thought it was for ice!

I’m using Madelintosh Pashmina and it’s so yummy to work with!

Then there are the socks – always socks on the needles – but now I think I may not knit them quite as tall as I used to. After all, it’s warmer here and all my heavy Colorado socks are left abandoned in the sock bin until those few months of cold and wet hit. I’ll have to think about making socks that are shorter. Of course, that also means I’ll have more than enough yarn to knit two pairs out of these skeins!

hand knit socks - my fav

The Habu Cowl with beads is coming along – this is ridiculously simple knitting and while the cowl right now feels stiff, it will soften nicely when it’s blocked. I know because there is a sample at my favorite knitting shop.

habu cowl

I’m on the second cone of Habu yarn and so it won’t be long now. Hoping to finish this over the weekend. Here’s an up close shot:

habu cowl

My sweater has new sleeves!

new sleeves

Except I need to count the rows and see if I have 47 new rows on each before I bind off. I may have gone a little farther than I should. Again, should finish this one this weekend.

Then, I need to have a blocking party!

stack of knitting to block

Yikes! Don’t look too close to that pile – there’s some gift knitting in there. 🙂

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