How we see ourselves has so much impact on how we feel

Steve’s been working all kinds of hours, I’ve been working all kinds of hours and last weekend we were both worn out and still we worked some more. I headed down to Ventura to meet with a photographer who’s taking some casual professional shots of me for my gravatar, linkedin, etc. So, there was a fun photo shoot on the beach.

Ventura beach

I just got a look at a few of the proofs and wow, I have gained weight. It’s awful to see and I’m really struggling with it. I’ve increased my workouts, started tracking my food intake – all calories go into a software program and I’m 100% certain that I will get to the bottom of it, but man it’s depressing to look at.

Isn’t it strange that how we look at ourselves affects so much about how we feel about ourselves and what we project into the world? I’m trying to project happy and confident, but when I see these pictures, I deflate quickly.

I know that there are real struggles in the world … I know folks who are struggling to find a job, struggling with the death of a loved one, and even the loss of their homes so I try to put all this in perspective. One of the things that has always worked for me – to feel better that is – is to get involved and give back. So, I’ve knit a baby hat and plan to take it to a young women’s shelter soon. I’m hoping that through our church’s food bank or the young women’s shelter I’ll find a way to support the community a bit and I know that will help me pull out of myself.

I’ve been reaching out and opening myself up to new friends too. I found a women’s work-at-home group that is packed with smart and busy and lively women. I am so, so grateful. The other group I was involved with was very nice too, but the drive was a bit long for the evenings and I always got back energized but exhausted which makes the next day go less well. This group is closer and I feel joyful when I get to see them, so this is a positive move forward.

I’ve got a lot of pictures to share that I took last weekend … coming soon.

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