A weekend of lovely missed opportunities

So, last weekend I went to Ventura to have lunch with an acquaintance and ended up at the wrong restaurant.

Luckily, it was right around the corner from the right restaurant, but I have to say that the one I ended up at was so, so lovely. I sat on the patio and took lots of pictures and while the acquaintance wasn’t impressed with the food there before, I may just go back and try it for myself.

patio flowers

cafe flowers

cafe wall

cafe patio

cafe wall


cafe flowers

I know that the decor of a place is not a solid indicator of how good the food is, but I was impressed.

So after a week of too much work, Mr. Man and I were thrilled – late, but thrilled – to get on the road to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Gainey Vineyard. As we headed up the 154 and rounded the first turn into the hills, we saw nothing but a sluggish line of cars, trucks, and vans – all – the – way – up – the – hill.


So, after a little bitching (on my part, of course), I turned around in the road and headed back down to the beach. So much for our day of sipping wine in the sunny vineyard, darnit. We had a quick meal and a margarita bet was paid (he totally cheated) then we headed home and to top off the weekend of missed opportunities, we scrubbed the driveway of an oil spill and cleaned the gutters, which were totally crammed full of compostable detritus.

I can’t say it was a great weekend, but we got a lot done and we saved gas and cash. Hrmph.

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