A stash update as the June gloom continues

So, when we first moved here we learned that May and June are often gray and gloomy. They call it the May grey and the June gloom. Yesterday, there was gloom over the beach as I met some new friends for lunch.

June gloom

That big fog bank obscures everything at the water’s edge and outward. It burned off by the time lunch was over and we had blue skies again. I’ve been getting some knitting done but do you ever feel like you NEVER have enough time for the things you want to do because you’re always trying to get the things you have to do done? I do.

I have so many beautiful yarns in my stash and I really want to spend an entire weekend knitting.

yarn stash

No, those drawers to the right are not filled with yarn – just tiny leftover balls and all my tools. Except, that’s not really all of the stash because every once in a while I get a spurt of organizing energy and I ‘organize’ the yarn with the intended pattern and bag them up as projects.

knitting projects organized

Every bin has a few projects sorted into it – sometimes the yarn is wound and a swatch is knit and sometimes not. It depends on how far I got. Then, there’s the bins of yarn for projects I’m already knitting. Those are sometimes wound and sometimes not. I tend to wind as I need it now because I HATE having the basket of pre-wound balls for projects I got started on, then hated, so I ripped and re-wound.


For some reason, I find it easier to imagine a skein becoming a knitted object than these wound balls. These balls baffle me. I had them wound for a specific project and yet, here they remain. Mocking me. There’s never enough time.



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