Sleepy Saturday and the Creepy Palm is Growing Horns!

It’s one of those cloudy summery days here and *yawn* I am feeling super lazy. I’ve had a rough few weeks with work and some emotional stuff I’m still trying to make sense of and I’ve not been sleeping well. Last night was apparently included in this temporary stage of sleeplessness – ugh!

So, this morning I was woken up by some fluffy furry things who thought they wanted to go outside and play in the cool morning – they’re particularly fond of checking the mole traps and plopping on the dirt mounds the little bastard dug up over the night. We’ve been mole hunting in the front and back yard for weeks and when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘he’ because I am not thrilled about the idea of the poor thing having to die, but he wouldn’t take the hints we were giving him and I really can’t risk losing valuable trees around this house. It’s the one thing that gives it a feeling of peace.

So, I got up to let the kitties outside and scccrrreeech! the saws started up at exactly 8:00 on the dot at the neighbor’s behind the fence who is doing god-knows-what-but-construction-has-been-going-on-all-week. ┬áThe kitties went flying back inside to hide under the beds. A few minutes later, the trash trucks arrived – because we had a holiday this week, they’re one day off – and that noise was atrocious and so there was really no going back to bed after that.

Sheesh! Time to start the gallon jug of iced tea it will take to keep me awake today. It’s cloudy and overcast and cool, so I pulled my sweater on over my jammies and to heck with it.

I do, however, have something odd to show you. Remember that palm that I said looked like it was growing a brain? It’s called a Sego palm (I think this is how it’s spelled) and while it’s supposedly an expensive palm tree and something prized around here, the thing creeps me out.

The ‘brain’ looked like this earlier in the year

weird plant growing a brain

It turned my stomach then because it just looks gross. Now, it’s gotten even worse … take a look at this:

the brain in the segway

EEWWUU! Creepy, creepy, creepy!

The pink-ish brain has gotten wider and opened up and it’s revealing this sprouting growth – I am suspecting that this is the next layer of branches. Everyone’s said that these grow s-l-o-w-l-y and that is surely the case.

Here’s another view from a little farther back – still looks like something is growing directly out of the pink fluffy brain thing to me. No way am I touching this thing and I’m super glad for the zoom on this new camera.

segway palm

Seymour has no chance against this thing. Seriously folks, don’t get too close.

To counteract all the icky, the lilies are blooming.

backyard lilies


And the little lemon tree is going like a champion!

backyard lemon tree

We had fresh lemons in our margaritas last night – so tasty. This particular tree has slightly sweeter lemons that are very, very juicy. Anything to counteract the ugly brain thing at this point.

I’ve just finished the writing I absolutely had to turn in today and so I’m going to the gym for a good long workout and then hopefully have some knitting time. I wonder if I can fit in a nap while the construction guys go on their lunch break?

You all have a good weekend folks!

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