It was bound to happen

So, this week I had a bit of a blow – a kick in the gut so to speak. My primary client drastically altered my working hours, which is a serious blow to my income. He was kind and empathetic about it, but it’s still no fun.

I’ve spent all week working to find a new job. I don’t know yet if the new working schedule is permanent or not, but it’s still the kick in the pants I needed to stretch out, make some changes, and shake things up.

I’ve been networking, updating my resume, joining groups, applying for jobs, and I’ve connected with someone great with whom I can trade skills and get my new website up and running.

I am more than a little fearful and a little excited. Not sure how things are going to shake out, but life is about change and I needed to get more involved with the local community and I knew that. This is apparently the kick in the pants from the universe to make me do it. If I’ve been quiet here – that’s why.

Speaking of change, see what Emily gets to do now?

mama, can't you see I'm trying to nap here?

She’s never been able to take a nap outside in the dappled shade and sunshine snuggled in the bushes.

Here’s one of Max’s favorite spots now:

maxi-boy relaxing outside

Now, that’s one relaxed cat!

And the Sego palm is starting to look less gross or maybe more gross (hard to say):

sego palm - new branches relaxing

But the lilies take the edge off – boy, aren’t they going to town!

lilies a'blooming

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