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I’ve been getting up before the crack of dawn all week, scouring the web for new writing gigs, signing up for boards, posting my resume and all that. I’ve been reaching out in the community and finding out all kinds of good stuff – even working on a secret project of my own idea with a web design partner. It’s all good crazy creative stuff and I’m feeling very good about how things are going to change for me.

Today, however, I’m trying to wrap up all the projects I need to turn in now, meeting with East clients before they go to work – hint that’s 7 their time and 4 a.m. my time. Ouch.

Why am I wrapping it all up? Because, I’m going on a yoga retreat, thanks for asking.

I found it in those dark, cold apartment days of misery in the deep, dark, damp and cold last fall. I was miserable, lonely, and needing something I could count on to get me through, so naturally I turned to travel as the answer (isn’t that what we do as girls, leave town to think?).

I found a yoga retreat taught by someone from Colorado and held in Big Sur. It’s a week long, two yoga classes every day, healthy meals, and lots of extras – a massage, some Reiki thing (I heard that’s a bit woo-woo, but I’ll find out), a hike, walks on the beach and even a winery visit. I’ll lay in the garden and journal, and knit, and eat healthy food – what coudl be better or more aptly timed?

I’m sharing a room with a stranger, but I’m feeling pretty good about that too (Steve says I should leave early, get there first and get the ‘good’ bed, but he thinks like that). I had the money already in my savings account, so I booked it and tomorrow I leave. Of course, it’s been a rough go of it this week.

I haven’t packed, and I’m a ridiculously careful packer so I feel itchy about that.

I haven’t slept well, and I get grouchy when I don’t sleep.

I should do some more work for billable hours, but there’s just no more time in this particular day

I need to add a quart of oil to the truck – she likes an extra quart between changes and as long as this keeps her running and me mobile, I’m willing to play a part in that particular craziness.

I’m going to miss Steve and we haven’t had a lot of time to spend together lately.

The floors in the house are filthy and I hate that, but I’m thinking if I clean them I won’t get to enjoy them and if I leave them, he might get it done and even if he doesn’t, I’ll do it when I get back and that’s OK with me.

I have only knit a few rounds on a sock this week, so I’m craving yarn again.

So, before I go here are a few pictures to keep you busy until I can find Internet either during the trip or on the other side.

My mother sent me this for my birthday – yay! (Thank you Mom!)

New cake stand

Mine broke in the move and I love having treats on the counter. Life shouldn’t be lived without a little dessert and my desserts are mostly healthy. The two leftover carrot muffins from last week are in there now.

The sego palm is now looking a little less gross but still like a strange growth has erupted from a pink and brown fuzzy brain. This must be this year’s set of branches.

Sego palm

and the next color of lilies started to bloom today.

new lilies


Now, I have one more business call to make and I”m curling up for a nap with Emily. Mr Man will take me to dinner. I’ll pack tomorrow. All will be well soon. Have a great week if you don’t hear from me folks!

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