Checking in from the Big Sur Yoga Retreat

All this week, I’m in Big Sur at a yoga retreat hosted by Lotus Oasis with 12 other people … the house is old and it’s got about 4 different styles going on in it. We’re actually doing yoga in this big room – most often with a fire in the fireplace because it’s so frickin’ cold!

Big Sur house

I know what you’re thinking, “Virginia, you’re always cold.” But this time it’s not just me.

We intended to do yoga outside, but the damned mosquitoes are eating me alive already,  so it’s probably good we’re not doing it outside.

Strange thing is that the weather for this area wasn’t supposed to be this cold. It was supposed to be warm and so I’m wearing about three shirts every day over my skirts and shorts. I didn’t even bring pants. It seems that this is an anomaly for the area, however. It’s often cloudy, foggy and cold this time of year.


Anyway, doing yoga twice daily is working out very well. I’m feeling invigorated and loose and relaxed – all good things.

Will post more when I get back. We’re doing all kinds of things every single day. One thing before I go … apparently this site wasn’t hacked – hostgator is having some trouble. All was well once they shook the lines, so I’m not sure what happened to my website a few days ago.

Check out this slug – as long as my foot and these things can apparently cause a nasty rash if you step on them! Yuck!


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