Walking in Point Lobos – seals!

More updates from my yoga retreat last week in Big Sur …

Less than a mile from the house where we stayed, which looked like this:

Carmel Highlands

is the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, and it’s a wonderful place to walk and explore. This is the cove near where we parked. You can see how foggy/cloudy it was all the time in this photo.

Point Lobos

It was a beautiful place.

Point Lobos

Lots of rocky coves and the ocean was gentle here.

Point Lobos

Simply gorgeous!

Point Lobos

What was really  fun to see – and they were all over the place – were the seals. Like this baby seal who kept wriggling around trying to get comfortable on his rock.

Baby seal in Point Lobos

Look at the nice back bend this guy can do 🙂

seal in Point Lobos

Turn the corner of the trail and … more seals!

more seals Point Lobos

… and another baby seal

baby seal Point Lobos

A gorgeous egret (I think it’s an egret – don’t quote me on this one, I’m no ornithologist!)

egret Point Lobos

I’ve got some videos coming too … hang in there. More on its way.


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  1. Michele
    July 28, 2013

    Love the video… and those are some awesome healthy looking seals that look like rocks!!!

  2. Ell Lukasik
    July 30, 2013

    After consulting my birding book, I stand by my earlier opinion! It does appear to be a great blue heron.

    Love the seals. The little ones are so cute.

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