Flowers and more flowers – they’re everywhere!

When I left the yoga retreat last week, I was one of only 2 people driving and so our cars were loaded up with lovely foods that would have been left in the refrigerator or tossed. As much as I appreciate and will enjoy the foods, I also snagged the flowers.

Those of you who’ve been hanging around this blog for awhile know I love flowers. I love fresh flowers in the house and desperately want to grow a cutting garden at this new house (it’s on the list, I swear!) so I can have flowers often. When we stayed at Lummi Island, one of the first things we bought was a huge bouquet of flowers to enjoy in the house and apparently I’m not the only one who likes flowers at my vacation spots because our retreat hosts from Lotus Oasis also put flowers in each of our rooms too!

All that said, even I think this may be a little over the top because I also asked Steve if I could have flowers when I got back and he remembered. Then, when I went into the back yard to mow and trim a little, the lilies were buckled over – too heavy on their stems. So that meant more flowers. Do you remember that scene in the latest Hollywood-ized movie of Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst when she rises from the chair with her head coiffed into something crazy tall and stylized with birds? This is kind of like that scene – only with flowers.

A photo essay for you to enjoy …

flowers, flowers








… and no, I didn’t run out of vases and jars. Now THAT should tell you something!

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  1. Ell Lukasik
    July 31, 2013

    Tee hee!

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