On our latest Sunday sailing trip – we saw a whale!

Yesterday, we had a great day of sailing – one of the best by far. The wind cooperated with us (i.e., it was present) and we headed out to the sight of this wharf (where we practiced parking the sailboat before) but it’s covered in pelicans!


They were drifting everywhere …

more pelicans

We passed the open water buoy, which is covered in seals of course.

Open water buoy and seals

In the early part of our day – just around noon – there weren’t many sailboats but around 2:00 p.m. a whole flotilla began chasing us around the channel. We think the local yacht club was having some sort of race and we didn’t want to get in the middle of that action, so we tucked in behind the last boat instead.

Another sailboat in the channel

The view looking back at all the masts along the coastline.

Santa Barbara coastline

Mr. Man – yes, he’s humming the Gilligan’s Island theme again.

Sailing sunday

We were settled in on a tack that was heading us up the coast and we saw the plume of a whale’s blow hole. Wow! I’ve been wanting to see a whale, hoping to see a whale, praying to see a whale and we saw one. The plume of water and air swooshed again as we rushed for cameras and watched it surface and flick it’s tail. I only got a tiny portion of it with my camera.

Whale in the SB channel

Here I’ve zoomed in so you can see it’s hump.

Whale in the SB channel

Sorry, but that’s the best I could do moving really fast. It was breathtaking, however, a real treat!

Any day of sailing is a good day.

Deck of the sailboat

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