Breakfast Smoothies

Lately, I’ve been tracking my food intake in a program that calculates my protein, fat, etc. The problem is that apparently I’m not getting enough protein, so I decided to start adding soy protein powder to my diet and thought breakfast smoothies would be a great way to get that down without too much trouble.

I remember one summer when both of my daughters were in summer school trying to get ahead for college, I was working full-time and had some part-time writing work on the side, plus I was going to graduate school. Those were good times, good times I can tell you. I have NO IDEA how we survived it. Looking back, I’m pretty sure we were all quite bonkers.

During that time, I invented these smoothies because I could mix up a batch, but them in to-go cups with straws and every one of us got a good shot of nutrition at the start of every crazy day. If I remember correctly, the chocolate peanut butter ones were highly popular.

So, I dug around in the frig and in my dusty memory banks to come up with some ideas.

I put a handful of ice in the blender. Then add a little milk to cover the ice. I toss in a container of low fat fruit yogurt, a teaspoon of almond butter, and the protein powder. If I have ‘matching’ fruit, say a half banana or some strawberries, I’ll toss those in there too.

Breakfast smoothie

There is a little bit of a chalky taste from the powder, but the fruit chunks and bits as well as the almond butter seems to cover it up pretty well.

Try one!

Breakfast smoothie

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