Daughter time!

It’s been quiet around here because I had a visit – my youngest came from Colorado to spend the week with me. It was so so good to have her near. She’s grown into a lovely young woman and I enjoyed the heck out of our time together.

I didn’t take lots of pictures this time because I really wanted to spend my time with her instead of behind the camera. I do, however, have some photos and memories to share.

We had beach time, which was lovely because she does it the way I like to do it. Take some water and snacks and lie in the sun and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Remember to flip over once in a while.

Flip flops on the beach

She got to go on a paraglide ride. My turn is coming – the wind wasn’t cooperating with us.


This was her view from the ride – it was a long sled ride down to the beach instead of riding on the updrafts.

View over the bluffs

We  went sailing one day but the wind didn’t cooperate and the sun stayed hidden until we were heading into the harbor – drat!

Cloudy day of sailing


We had lots of sunny days – just not the one we went sailing on!

Best week in a long time. Can’t wait to see her again.



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