Nothing to report now … but great fun coming soon!

Nothing to report right now, but will have some lovely fun to report very soon.

Ugh, it seems like all I do is work these days. I miss my daughter – it was so fun to have her here. One of the best things? She gets my jokes and that’s just cool when someone ‘gets’ you, isn’t it?

This morning, Emily got herself stuck in the walnut tree and began yowling very loudly until I came out, figured out the problem and fetched my shoes and the ladder. All the while, her yowling grew to epic levels and while I kept telling her I was coming and to hang on, she got louder and louder. I thought about leaving her up there to figure it out for herself, but I figured the neighbors would appreciate my getting her down – so I did. She hasn’t gone outside since and I think that’s probably proper for her little stunt.

Max has been feeling unwell – we’ve taken to calling him Captain Constipation and we’ll just leave it at that. He’s been getting medicine that he, of course, hates and fights me not to take. To contrast always coming at him with the next dose, I bought two pieces of grilled chicken in a hurry at the market today. Then, after he swallowed the nasty green stuff, I gave him little bits of chicken in small bites to soothe things over. I’ve also been following him round the house to pet him and snuggle so he doesn’t permanently hate me. He already thinks that Mr. Man is the Best Person Ever and so I am constantly in second place.

I am much more efficient at getting the meds into him, however, so it makes sense for me to play ‘bad cop’.

Tonight, my meeting with the Botanical Garden Volunteer Staff was cancelled and so I am going to make a Low-Fat No Bake Eclair Cake. It looks yummy but requires chilling for at least 8 hours. Kinda defeats the whole instant gratification thing, doesn’t it? Well, I suppose it will have to do. Tomorrow it is.

Heck, the way my week is going I just might eat it for breakfast!

After dosing the cat, of course. 🙂 Poor Max.

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