Revoking Max’s Outside Privileges

I am going to revoke Max’s outside kitty privileges. He brought in a lizard – a really amazing looking one with many toes and a blue-ish color along his back.

I was working at my desk and heard Max yowling – he does that when he can’t find me and so I called to him so he would know where I was and when I turned to see what he wanted, the lizard lost it’s tail and ran under my yarn storage thing.

The tail kept twitching and Max was happy enough to chase that around for awhile. I think he took it outside  – I can’t find it anywhere in the house. The lizard was fine under the dresser and I figured I’d just wait for Steve to come and rescue it. Smart, right?

While I was taking a video of Max trying to get it out, the thing escaped (you get to hear me scream – or was it more of a squeal?). I help Max recover it, but I didn’t see him run off with it (until I watched the video). So I continue to try to find the damn thing after he’s already playing with it in the living room. I give up, turn off the camera and go to find him – and he’s got the lizard.

So I covered it with a cup.

Max versus lizard

It can stay under that cup until Steve comes home. This falls under the territory of ‘guy stuff’ and I’m not touching it.

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