Mob Boss Meatballs

In another episode of ‘how empty nesters do Saturday night’ we made a new recipe which Steve recorded from a movie The Return of Joe Rich. Apparently this guy was a real mean piece of work (killed his uncle to take control over the local mob) but his grandmother made these meatballs that everyone would rave about and they gave you the recipe in the movie. We named them Mob Boss Meatballs.

I had made marina a few months ago and had a batch in the freezer, so we had pulled that out in the morning. Steve had been hang-gliding for a couple of hours and I had gone on a 2.5 hour bike ride, so we were both starving.

The Recipe (plus our changes)

1 pound ground beef
1/4 pound sweet Italian sausage (we added a half pound instead)
1.5 cups grated Romano cheese
2 cups buttermilk
7 slices white bread (crusts removed)
big pot of marinara sauce

Start by taking the crusts off the bread and putting the bread in a bowl. (Humgry chef version – put little slices of cheese on the crusts and eat them. Seems wasteful not to.)

Pour buttermilk over the bread and let it soak.

buttermilk over break

Mix the meat, cheese, salt, pepper and parsley together. (Here is where we both agree that leaving out the parsley – a useless spice in my opinion – and adding basil would have been better.)

Put the pot of marinara on the stove and start warming it up.

Tear the bread up and drop little pieces into the meat mixture and keep blending it.

Mob boss meatballs

When you get it all mixed together, don’t toss out the remaining buttermilk if it wasn’t soaked up. Make a test meatball first. If it sticks well, then drop it into the marinara immediately. If you need more bread to get a stick-together meatball, soak more bread and repeat that process.

Mob boss meatballs

Cook as many meatballs as you need for the meal in the marinara, pour it over your choice of noodle and enjoy. Our guess is that you could freeze the uncooked meatballs and drop them in marinara another time.

Glass of wine

They were really delicious! We cooked them for a little over an hour on low heat and they were tender and tasty!

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