My new passion – long bike rides

So, I’ve talked a little about my personal struggle to get some control over my recent weight gain and push my weight back down. I’ve been tracking the foods I’m eating and the exercise I’m doing for months now and it turns out that it comes down to the basics – consuming a little less and working out a little more.

I’ve long wanted to try riding my bike for longer distances. I love the steady heart-pumping feeling of riding my bike with music in my ears and the scenery going by at a pace that makes it easy to enjoy. The weather here is perfect for this kind of thing as it almost never rains and it’s nearly always warm. Plus, there are bike trails crisscrossing the city along the mountains, through town, along every road, and along the coast. It’s the perfect place to ride.

So, I got my bike a tune-up and new tires and started riding once a week.


I’ve done several rides now and it’s been fun to find my way through the city on the trails. I particularly love one trail that runs along the coast and I can see the ocean here and there before being plunged back into residential areas.

This morning, I started out and it just wasn’t happening. My MP3 player’s battery died about a mile into it and I realized I was very, very low on calories since I hadn’t eaten yet. I ended up turning around and heading home after just a half hour. I’ll go again tomorrow morning after all the batteries get a little juice.

Still, a 2- or 3-hour ride is amazing. I thought I would spend the entire time thinking – you know thinking and thinking about what’s going on, my work projects, where I am with life … lots of thinking. But I discovered that I don’t. Riding these long rides is really much more of a break than I ever thought it would be.

Plus, a 2-hour ride burns over a thousand calories! That’s really cool.

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