Home Improvements – we have fire!

You knew this was coming, right? We never stop improving – we could be the spokespeople for Home Depot, I swear.

So, when the former owner moved out, she took all the fireplace accouterments. The fireplace looked a lot like we’d been visited by the Grinch, but we had too much to do to care when we first moved and then it was summer. So, we’ve waited.

While tramping through Home Depot last week, picking up a new flower pot and something called a manifold that has to do with what Mr. Man is doing with the sprinkler system, we saw a gas fireplace set with the grate and logs, etc. We bought it and he installed it and we turned on the fireplace (sorry I lost that picture in an aggressive SD card cleaning session yesterday).

Steve hated it and he took it back apart.

So, he started researching other options online and got some ideas, trooped over to Home Depot (I said we should be their spokespeople, didn’t I?) and came back with rocks. Lots of river rocks from Mexico. There was a big changeover and we went from this:

fireplace spruce-up

To this:

fireplace spruce-up

Then, we lit it.

fireplace spruce-up

I kinda like it. It does put out a little heat and it’s a nice glow – very natural looking and it looks far more like a beach fire than the other one did. I have the odd feeling that it’s not over yet, but I could be wrong. We’ll see.

The saga of the window seat coming tomorrow … stay tuned.

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