The saga of the window seat cushion

So, when we took our first look at this house, this was the little area off the kitchen. You can’t really call it a dining room, but it’s sort of a small open area overlooking the outdoor patio.


The former owner had far more over-the-top taste than I/we do. But you can see the window seat is a basic brown. Not bad, until you turned the cushion over and realized it was completely faded, the bottom torn off and it was barely hanging on. Under that cushion is a big storage bin. We have the outside blankets in it now.

Still, it needed an update.


Here’s from when we moved in. Pretty bare.

So, one of the things we wanted to take care of was recovering that cushion. It’s custom – like everything else in this damn place. I didn’t want to haul it all over town, so I took the research-on-the-Internet-and-call approach instead. I was quoted some truly crazy prices – one guy wanted $780! It’s a cushion, not a diamond.

So, it became a mission. I sent emails with photographs and measurements to at least 5 other re-upholsterers in town. Then, while Rebecca was visiting, I walked into one of my favorite downtown store – it’s got lovely beach-y looking furniture and decorations. So pretty to explore. I asked them if they had a recommendation for an upholsterer and they did!

I called the guy  and took the cushion to him. He told me where to find the perfect remnant store that had good prices on fabrics.  I bought 5 yards of a deep red micro-suede and took that to him too. A few days later it was ready.

Fabric: $120

Labor: $350

Not TOO bad.

He had to recover every single button and the cushion is reversible so that was 20+ buttons – that was where the expense came in. But it looks great!

window seat

Took me a month … but it’s done.

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  1. Michele
    October 5, 2013

    I love the way that you suss things out!!! It really looks awesome…Did you choose the micro fiber because the cats won’t claw on it? Dumb question, I know ,but… I want to recover some pieces and my cats are BAD!

  2. October 7, 2013

    Hee-hee! I chose the micro suede because it’s pretty durable and easy to clean. I can also vacuum it. So far, the kitties haven’t tried anything with it, but I trim their claws regularly and that certainly helps with the scratching. I don’t think they would hesitate to go after this fabric, but they have other scratchy things they like better and I sprinkle those with catnip to keep them directed to those items. Good luck!

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