Sailing and New Navigational Toys

Last week, we went sailing with some of Steve’s new friends. They are experienced hang-gliders and wanted to try out sailing. They quickly picked up on what was going on with the sails given their experience with hang gliding. Here you can see the jib (that’s the sail in the front of the boat) nicely filled with wind.


And my guy hidden behind the wheel in his Gilligan hat.


It was a lovely sun-filled day and we sailed westerly for a long time and had a bit of a slog to get back. The progress we were making jibing meant we were going too slow, so we turned on the motor and ‘cheated’ for a bit.


This week, we got the chart table from my parents – this is the chart table that we took all over the Virgin Islands when I was a teenager and in my early 20s.


Wow, and perfect timing too because Steve is taking the Coastal Navigation class now.


This is the map he’s working with – huge!


and even harder to fold. Glad I’m not taking this class.


Thanks Mom and Dad! We’ll be putting it to good use very soon!

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