One of our neighbors is away on a camping trip and I offered to watch their house, cat, and chickens. Yeehaaa!¬†Aren’t they cute?


They’re still pullets and aren’t laying eggs yet. They have this really crazy way of racing around their run and they love it when I visit. I know because they come running up to see what I’ve brought them. They love to watch when I’m watering the planting beds or filling up their water thing.

This is great because I don’t have to have them or shovel the poop, but I get to enjoy the fun part instead.


When I let them out of their hutch in the mornings, they’re super anxious to get out and they start running and flapping and squawking up a storm. They get in a line and race around the edges of the run and after they’ve done a few rounds, they come to a sliding halt and start pecking and scratching for food. I usually bring over whatever vegetable and fruit tops we have from the day before to give them to eat at breakfast time.

It’s ¬†super fun!

When we were moving to California and I thought we’d get to live up in the Santa Ynez valley, I was really excited about getting chickens. That didn’t work out, but it’s nice to know I can get my fix with the neighbor’s chickens and I don’t have to have the responsibility 100% of the time. This is ideal.

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