The joy of a working refrigerator

So, in another episode detailing this little house we’ve purchased … the owner decided to put a custom SubZero frig in the kitchen. It’s built into the cabinets and everything looks very custom-y but it’s got issues, including:

  • a non-working ice maker
  • unreliable temperature control
  • crazy levels of condensation that throws water at you when you open the door

So, we’ve had repair guys out trying to figure out what’s wrong.

THREE repair guys later, one of them finally tells us that the frig may still be under warranty and we should call SubZero directly. I do, the warranty is out by just 2 days and they’ll work with us.


They send a repair team who takes things apart and puts things back in (what do I look like, an engineer? I’m a writer!) and they go away saying it will work forever.

It worked for one day and then the refrigerator turned into an oven and the temperatures inside kept rising until everything inside was spoiled.

Another call, more parts, more negotiations … they come back and they take every working part out of the damn thing and replace it all again. They said what went wrong the first time, but I never understand what they’re saying and so it goes in one ear and out the other. Usually, I call Steve and have them talk it out. It’s better than my trying to do the ‘he said this and that’ when Steve comes home and the words make no sense to me.

So yesterday we finally have a working frig again and just to show you my priorities are clearly on track, I cleaned the entire thing and loaded it up with what’s important.

a working frig deserves good wine

Let me tell you I missed my wine and that first cold glass was superb!

We also have ice!

we have ice!

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  1. Kristin
    October 29, 2013

    We have a Sub-Zero fridge in our new house as well. It’s built in, stainless, gorgeous … and has already had issues. Thankfully the prior owners live just down the street and are available to as questions of, and Matt’s handy. We’ve been able to fix it so far. I’m now going to check on our warranty. How long was yours?

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