Are you ready for Halloween?

Last weekend, we finally got around to decorating for Halloween … and spending a non-working weekend together. Mr. Man had spent a staycation the weekend before and worked on various projects around the house. Building a box to protect the outside pipes – and wrapping those pipes to protect them from the occasional freezes. The sight of exposed pipes evokes sheer terror in a Coloradoan but apparently Californians are less concerned about them. We do know that this area were we live gets the occasional freeze and we have personal (wet!) experience with burst pipes, so this particular job had been bugging my guy for some time. He’s happier with that done now and he moved on to repairing some trim pieces and other odds and ends. The side effect, however, is that we had several working weekends and no time to play.

All work and no play makes me very cranky – to heck with Jack, let him find his own fun.

So, on Friday evening we poured some wine and pulled out the Halloween decorations and sorted through them. We didn’t have a lot – having given many away to our girls before we left Colorado, but we were told when we moved in that Halloween is big in this neighborhood and we want to fit in so we dragged out what we had.

The crashing witch is properly in place

crashing witch

And the Frankenstein is coming up out of the ground

frankenstein lawn art

And he skulls and bones and spiders are everywhere

skulls and spiders

We got a couple of big pumpkins and gourds for the porch too


On Saturday, I took my bike for another long-ish ride and had some issues with the gears and front brakes. These issues had been occurring all along, I was just loath to let them have my bike while they fixed them. I dropped the bike off after the ride and explained the issues. I also chose a simple mileage thing that will help me track how far I’m going rather than guessing using one segment of my finger and counting out the chunks on the bike map. I’m not sure that method really works all that well. 🙂

Sunday we were able to make it to a late mass and then head up the pass into the Santa Ynez valley in search of views of fall. I’ve been buying coupons off Travelzoo which I like loads better than anything like Groupon. These vouchers are actually in my area and are something I would buy like a massage and sugar scrub at a local spa or dinners at new restaurants. It’s a good way to save some money and I don’t have to wade through piles and piles of crap I will never buy. This time, I had a voucher for a wine tasting at a winery we’d never visited before: Toretti in Los Olivos.


These were some really yummy wines! The Chardonnay is like none other and simply delicious and their Innocencio Pinot Noir was amazing – warm and a little spicy with a clean finish.

Afterward, we wandered around and I took pictures of fall beauty.

fall beauty

This is not lavender and it’s not salvia but I want some of these bushes at my house! So gorgeous and the bees seem to like them.

scarecrow contest

The town also has a scarecrow contest just like in Old Colorado City. We didn’t vote because we weren’t going to spend too long there, but it was fun to see the scarecrows all about town.

Whew! we needed that little break. My guy will be working all weekend – as likely will I and so we have to take these bits of time when we can. Luckily they’ll be done with my bike in a day or two and I’ll be able to ride this weekend. I also have to do a lot of mulch hauling to get things buttoned up and ready for ‘winter’. I put ‘winter’ in quotes for obvious reasons. It’s not THAT cold here but it gets chilly and I really want the palms and plants to have a better start next spring so that means a layer of manure and then mulching everything really well. The dirt in the big long bed that stretches our entire fence is awful. No nutrients, no nourishment just bare dry dusty crap. That is all about to change – slowly. I am still learning what the palms like but I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy with the extra mulch to prevent weeds. It’s a problem because I have sections that like a little extra water and sections that want it bone dry so it’s a challenge.

Will post photos soon.

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