Visitors to our new nest!

This past week, I was offline because I had visitors! Here we are in the Botanical Gardens (a very nice gentleman who did not speak English was kind enough to take our picture after we communicated our desire with some fun hand gestures).


My parents are here all week. They’re on the second leg of the fabulous birthday tour of 2013 – my mother sure knows how to celebrate her birthday. I need to remember this.

We got to celebrate fall in the Santa Ynez valley with a visit to the central coast wine country.

Fall in the central coast

This was our first visit to Buttonwood farm.

Buttonwood farm wines

It was a lovely winery and the wine was good, but not our favorite. ¬†Our new ‘rule’ is that when people visit, they get to choose a new winery we’ve never visited from the map and then we visit our favorite – Gainey. I have to say, however, that Buttonwood is lovely.

Buttonwood farm winery

Across the road was a stand where we bought a flat of strawberries for $10 – wow. So delicious we kept eating them all afternoon.

Farm stand

My mom in there for perspective on that huge pumpkin:

Huge pumpkin

Then on to Gainey … yum! Mom and Dad are not white wine drinkers, but they changed their mind with these wines and really enjoyed them.

Gainey Vineyard

They remarked that they were surprised by good California wines and we’ve heard that a lot. Of course, most of the really good stuff just never leaves California too … we drink it all up!

We got to go sailing in the harbor, but the wind was very, very light and we eventually turned in the boat early. *sigh* It was fun to sail around the big cruise boat parked out there, however, and crab cakes at Brophy’s set a new bar for Mom’s favorite.

Sailing 'round the cruise boat

The sky as we headed back in was gorgeous despite the crappy wind.

Gorgeous sky

It was a lovely visit. I put them on the plane for the 3rd leg of the grand birthday tour!


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  1. Betsy o'Connor
    November 18, 2013

    Love it. The pumpkin picture was great and so was the sunset. Your botanical garden pictures brightened up a lot. Thank you for a wonderful visit.

  2. Ann Fortner
    November 19, 2013

    Looked like a great visit! Loved the scenery!

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