What’s happening in the garden

So sorry for the break folks. All is well – I’m just losing my mind. Work is nuts. I’m working toward starting a new company and I’m in this space where there’s so much THINKING there is no CLARITY. It’s a mess. It will clear soon.

Moving on …

One of the fun things about being here in California is the weather. Yep, you guessed it. It’s as amazing as everyone says it is. As such, there is always something blooming, always something dying off, and always something green. I guess all the plants have decided to do their own scheduling. We do have fall in our neighborhood and many trees are turning red and gold, but they take their sweet time with it, that’s for certain. My little azaleas are blooming – in ‘winter’ and the little filler plants I put in a few weeks ago look really great.

Filling the gaps

Filler plants

Filler flowers

Those orange balls? They’re falling off one of the palm trees. I have no idea why or if this is even normal. I have to take pictures and visit the nursery center to ask.

I also started a pot of paperwhites – my usual Christmas thing. This time, however, most of the bulbs are outside.


I hope your holiday weekend is going well too!

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