Goodbye to Thanksgiving (sob) and Hello Christmas (my fav time of the year)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving. The food, the friends and family, all the wonderful memories and new ones made every year. Love, love, love it.

We put our turkey breast in an overnight brine with limes from our own tree!

Brine the turkey

My sexy husband and his trusty side kick tried to smoke the turkey breast, but there was something about a left hand valve?

Steve and Max

Not sure, but we ended up slow-grilling the thing instead. I stuffed it with oranges from our neighbor’s tree (for moisture) and pushed garlic cloves under the skin and sprinkled fresh rosemary all over it, then wrapped it up tight. ┬áIt was delicious!

We put together the other dishes ahead of time and headed out for a long-ish bike ride. We got to 10 miles and Mr. Man’s bike – also new – started to give him trouble and so we turned back. It needs to be adjusted, no worries, but 20 miles is good for a long feast, don’t you think?

Thanksgiving feast

That’s an apple cranberry pie, brussel sprouts in bacon, lemon, and with carrots, and cauliflower, which I blend with cream cheese and bake. So yummy.

Thanksgiving decorations

And because I have a gathering of work-at-home women coming to my house this week (tomorrow, in fact), I decorated quickly for Christmas. I really hate seeing Christmas decorations popping up before Thanksgiving, and I like giving each holiday it’s time and space but facts are facts and I needed to decorate.

So decorate we did. I’ll share photos soon.


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