Christmas Decorations Divided by Half

Obviously, to get our 19-foot Christmas tree to fit into our little jewel box house, we were going to have to make some changes in how we decorate. We’re going from this huge amount of space:

Christmas in Colorado

Down to this.


So, we put up the top half of the tree and decorated it with about half of the decorations.

Christmas tree and fireplace

There’s also no room for all the village pieces, so we put about a quarter of the Christmas village along the mantle.

Christmas village

And we put up some decorations outside the house.


Outside decorations

It looks nice and festive and I got my Christmas fix. It’s chilly here in the evenings and mornings – the heat comes on so that’s a sign that it’s getting colder. Funny, no one told the paperwhites.


Or maybe they don’t care.

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    December 5, 2013

    It all looks very festive!

    Since we’re going to be moving and I’ll get my fill of packing boxes, I decided to not put up as many decorations this year. It still looks good though. Do love this time of year.

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