Powdered Sugar Frosting on Colorado Trees

We’re back now, but we went to visit family and friends in Colorado for Christmas. Of course, that last time I was here, I was saying Thank you for the snow and this time we got powdered sugar frosting on the trees. It was glorious. Perfect.

frosted trees

It was also easy to drive in/on. Hee-hee.


It was however very COLD – notice the temperature on the car dashboard?

temperature 24 degrees

It was still glorious … now here’s a shot of Garden of the Gods in Colorado winter. Perfectly beautiful!

garden of the gods


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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    December 27, 2013

    Great photos! It was so beautiful. The view up Union from our house, which included Patty Jewett, was magical. It looked as if it had been photo shopped, too perfect to be true!

    It was grand having breakfast with you and catching up. Hope to see you in April.

    Happy New Year!



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