We’re refugees again

So, I’m typing this from a small hotel room packed with personal stuff and two pissed off kitties. We’ve had to tent the house after discovering termites were slowly destroying the rafters in our attic. Not a good thing.

So, we had to pull out all the wine and food, store it somewhere else along with other stuff. We had to open all the cabinets and pack up the kitties. They are not happy.

Refugees again

And then we watched as they tore up the exterior of our house, put up big fumigation warnings …

Fumigation warning

and wrap it in a big circus-looking tent.

Tenting the house for termites

Ugly isn’t it? I have to say I am nervous about it because I am so sensitive to chemicals on my skin, but the termites have to go. Will report more soon. Max has discovered the joy of watching kids playing in a pool, particularly because he is way high above them and in no danger. Emily is considering whether it’s worth her time to come out from under the bed.

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    December 30, 2013

    Yikes! So sorry that you’re refugees again. How did you discover that you had termites? Who’s paying for this little escapade? Insurance, I hope. Keep us posted.



  2. January 3, 2014

    Hah! no we’re paying for it – insurance doesn’t cover a thing. We knew we might have a problem, but when you get a short-sale you inherit the problems. Home again yesterday and all is scrubbed down. Too creepy to think of termites, and Steve has started tearing apart the boards along the roofline to replace them. The homeowner’s saga is never over 🙂

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