Home Again, Home Again – Happy New Year Everyone!

On New Year’s day, because we were stuck outside our home while the termites were destroyed (we hope), we took a long-ish bike ride. From the hotel, we hooked into the standard trail I take along the coast (skipping the university) and we wound up finding our way through the Hope’s Ranch area which is a big green blob on my bike trail map and I had didn’t think to look for a way through it, just around it. Boy am I glad we did because it’s a lovely area. No one but God and Oprah could afford to live there, but it’s a nice ride either way.

We left Max sitting on the hotel room air conditioner watching people play in a big puddle – he was FASCINATED by watching people in the pool.

Maxi watching people in the pool

Ems was having none of that scary water stuff – she stayed firmly on my clothing doing her job keeping me warm by furring things beyond recognition.


You’re probably familiar with the best scenes of this route, but when we turned into this new area, we got to see a big golf course with a pond and ducks … it was a lovely view.


I can’t even THINK about what the HOA dues must be for a place like this, but hey, I’ll never live here so why worry about it. The neighborhood was kind enough to put up a map for us to use too!


We wove and climbed some nice hills and saw lovely homes on all sides and we popped out along the top of the coast above Hendrey’s beach to see this!


Eventually, we rolled down the hill and dropped into the beach parking lot and sat to drink water and watch the doggies play in the surf. A lovely woman took our picture, and commented on the fact that her kids were digging snow in Pennsylvania and weren’t we lucky? We had to agree.


The next day we came home to a house that had been wrapped in a circus tent for days and neighbors who thought we were moving out (the usual reason people do the termite thing) and we had to clean and scrub and work our butts off.


Considering where we were one year ago, however, I think we’ll take it.

Happy New Year everyone … let’s all make it a wonderful one!


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