Drive by catch up … whoosh and she’s gone again

So … as ¬†you may have guessed … radio silence = super busy. The company I’m working to start up is taking every ounce of my ‘leftover’ time and with all the work I did last fall to gain new clients finally paying off I actually have no leftover time so I’m working double time. I work all the time. Every weekend. Every evening. It’s excruciating, but I believe in the company and I think it will be amazing so I continue.

Today, I am finally taking a bit of time to catch up with everyone here – make sure my family knows I’m alive and all that. I’ve quite a collection of photos to share too.

For instance, last week I stopped to take this picture of the sunset and a guy stopped in his car to say, “That sunset will get better you know!” It’s funny that someone would feel compelled to stop and comment on a sunset.


Over the weekend, I did manage to sneak out with Steve to test out a new winery we had a two-for-one tasting. We ended up loving it – this is a great little tasting room.


We sat outside in the evening under the heaters and it still surprises me that restaurants in Colorado don’t have more of these. They’re really wonderful for making the outdoors comfortable in all kinds of chilly weather.

space heaters

Other than that, the house is a mess. Laundry gets folded but never put away … I don’t have time

laundry piles

Last night, Emily and Max were watching the sun go down

emily and max

So I went outside to see the view … seriously this is as much fun as I’ve had time for in weeks.

another sunset

This time, no one stopped to tell me it would get better.

Today, I got to sit by the ocean and have a picnic lunch with my hubby.

beach picnic

We are both so busy, it was just amazing to be outside in the middle of the day. Someone told me that these years are some of the most productive of our lives. I sure hope so because I would hate to be this busy and have it be unproductive.


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