This is what a great idea costs

So, I had a good idea – no a great one … and I haven’t had a minute to do anything but work since. Stupid great idea.

Many of you have heard about this, but it’s all I think about (except my family) and it’s all I do now because that’s what it takes to make a great idea happen. This I’ve learned.

The idea started like this: I got tired of asking yoga teachers I met at retreats and in other towns to record their classes. I don’t like yoga by video and while I have to be politically correct when I talk about it when I’m promoting my business, I don’t have to be that polite here – in my own world.

I think doing yoga by video is stupid. I always end up having to turn to watch what they’re doing and then the teacher is two poses ahead of me and by the time I’ve caught up, I’m sweaty and pissed off. This is not a yoga practice. This is torture.

I think doing yoga by video defeats the purpose of doing yoga, which is to go inside and be one with my breath.

A good yoga teacher can take me there – I can even close my eyes in class and simply focus on the practice. I can push all other thoughts aside for that bit of time and really enjoy it.

I kept asking yoga teachers if they ever record their classes, and their answers were always the same: “Gosh so many students have asked me to do that, but I don’t know how to do it” or “the video equipment and set up is too expensive, I’d do audio but then I’d need a way to make those classes available and I don’t know how to do that.”

So, when a friend told me she wanted to create a product and sell it over the Internet, I knew what that product was. We’ve spent the last six months plotting, surveying, researching, reading, studying and building and now it’s live as a crowdfunding project that you can see and contribute to here: Audible Yoga.

Please won’t you take a look and buy a pledge? Or, at least forward it to someone you think would like it – only 28 days left!

Thank you in advance to everyone who has already contributed! I’m sorry if this is all you are going to get from me, but I’ve got a social media plan to design, blogs to write, a newsletter to design … the work goes on and on.

I will eventually post something fun. I promise.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    February 22, 2014

    Virginia, WOW! Your video looks great, very professional. I’m so impressed that I did pledge. Sure hope you get enough pledges to make it go!

    One question, though, no matter what I did, the site said no reward. Are the subscriptions described in each level of support part of the package and not a reward? Please let me know. It won’t change my decision to pledge, just want to know what to expect.

    Good luck and lots of hugs,


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