Perfect Santa Barbara Day followed by a really Icky Monday Morning

Yesterday, Mr Man and I finally got to leave the house in the daylight together and head toward something fun. This has not happened since December folks. We knew that the start of the Audible Yoga Kickstarter project would collide with a big project for him and we would be working all kinds of hours, so it wasn’t a surprise.

When we got in the car we both wondered if we should check with someone, whether this was legal anymore.

We headed down to Kunin to pick up our shipment of this quarters’ wines. We tasted each of them, switched out one I wasn’t that fond of for another we did like and dropped them in the car.

In Santa Barbara, every Sunday is Art Walk along the shoreline so we headed over there to see what we could see.

santa barbara art walk sunday

The entire shoreline is covered with little tents each offering things from local artists.

sunday art walk santa barbara

This is one of the funniest things in Santa Barbara – these pedal carts. I’ve gotten pretty good at Kinnearing these folks going by. Often there are little dogs sitting in that front basket.

pedal carts

The tourists LOVE these things, but I sometimes see the locals in them too. Really funny and every group has their own little dynamic. I’ve seen two little old ladies pedaling along with drinks in hand and their little dogs sitting in the front.

Either way, it tells you how warm it was … 73 at our house, but warmer still along the shore with just a slight breeze. A refreshing change because it’s been chilly (in the 60s) and yes, I’m now a complete wimp about the cold.

We ran across this carpet of flowers.

flower carpet

Heading back to move the car (parking rules allow only 90 minutes) we saw this innovative book exchange.

book exchange


This morning I turn on my computer and I’ve received a disparaging reply to an email request to join our audio yoga project from a yoga teacher. It was really nasty and used words that shouldn’t be used. I was a little stunned and horrified but looking at these pictures has helped. I must have struck some nerve on their side but wow I never thought I’d get such a burst of anger from a fellow yogi.

Next, I turn to another email account and read a blistering reminder of the proper use of ‘it’s’ versus ‘its’ and I have to say I’m the captain crusader of using the right one. So, I double check the post and yes, I mistakenly used the wrong one, but dang in 4+ years of writing for that blog I have never had such a nasty note.

What is it about today that has people lashing out in my direction? I’m going to try not to take this stuff to heart. I am not going to respond either. I am, however, going to go through my day treading a little cautiously.


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