Allergies are terrible – does local wild honey help?

I have had allergies a few times, depending on where I was living but nothing like this. It’s all day every month of the year congestion, coughing, drainage. I have actually had people ask me if I’m sick – strangers pull away from me.


I’ve had to turn to meds just to breathe and they help but I really don’t want to take this stuff all the time. I’ve heard/read that exposing myself to local wildflower honey will help. This is just one of the jars of local honey I have consumed over the past month or so.

local wildflower honey

I’m trying adding local honey to my tea in the morning, but I am really flying blind with this idea.

honey in tea

Does the heat of the tea render the honey ineffective? I’ve tried adding a few teaspoons to my smoothies too.  How much does one have to consume to start seeing results? How often?

Still, I feel almost continually congested. Only the meds seem to help.

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