Healthy Smoothie for Breakfast Equals 3 Servings of Fruit!

So, you’ve probably seen those ads for the Nutribullet – it’s a terrible name for something supposed to be healthy, don’t you think? Probably targeted to men because when I was thinking about it, I remember that I have a really nice blender that should do the same trick – and it does!

Since I am not a big fruit eater – I know, I know, healthy eater all ’round but I struggle to eat fruit because I like it when it’s all cut up and placed in front of me but oddly there is no one around here doing that. I have to do it myself. If I’m going to get out the cutting board and knife, I tend to pull vegetables out of the frig instead and so I don’t eat enough fruit.

As I’m working toward getting even healthier, I decided that getting my fruit was no longer an option. We’re supposed to be eating like 11 servings of fruits and vegetables these days according to the ‘experts’ that will later change their minds and tell us something else but I can see that 2-3 pieces of fruit couldn’t be all that bad.

So, I put them ALL in one smoothie. No kidding. Here’s a picture of this morning’s ingredients.

fruit smoothies for breakfast

I start with about 4 ice cubes. I add some flax seed, soy protein powder, a little light yogurt, and some almond milk. This is one high protein drink, let me tell you.


Those ads for the inappropriately named device show you adding a WHOLE APPLE, so I tried that too and the blender grinds it right up. It’s lovely. I take out the seed core though – I don’t need that in my smoothie.



The ice makes it cold and the flax ads more fiber and heart-healthy nutrients.



This one was purple-ish from the blueberries.




Here are some tips to make this a quick thing in the morning:

– chop and freeze bags of fruit – you can drop them in frozen and be on your way

– put the ice in first, then the liquid so they blend first and draw the other stuff in

– blend it a little longer than you think to get all the chunks


Try different flavors you like together. I’ve used fresh orange juice as my liquid instead of almond milk.



blueberry-apple-almond (try a spoonful of almond butter, yummy!)



You can go nuts with this and in the end, you still get a big tall glass of breakfast and you can even take it with you with the right cup. My girls and I used to make these in the summertime when they were taking classes and I was working way too hard – it’s a great way to get nutrients into kids, I think. Plus all the servings of fruit I need in one fell swoop! Plus it’s cheap.

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