Blueberry Picking Time Again

Yep, busy again so here are a few catch-up posts. We went blueberry picking here again. It was warm, not hot like it is today, and we took some friends of ours (also from Colorado) to pick fresh blueberries in the sun. picking blueberries

Lots of people at the fields today. We headed away from the crowds to find bushes that hadn’t been picked over yet.

blueberry crowds

It still amazes me that one little bush like this – is it a bush or a tree? – can produce so many blueberries. I did not go into competitive blueberry-picking mode, I assure you. I’m just quick. I have nimble fingers so my bucket filled quickly and I switched with Mr. Man so I could fill the second one. I just love the bags of blueberries in the freezer.

bucket of blueberries

Frozen blueberries can go right into yogurt for a great fast smoothie. Putting them into pancakes and muffins frozen means you don’t have to roll them in flower to keep them from bursting – they stay whole and thaw then cook perfectly if you dump them in frozen.

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