Madonnari – Street Art in Chalk – in Santa Barbara

This weekend was the Madonarri festival Рstreet painters Рwho take over squares of pavement in front of the Old Mission and create fantastic chalk art. Businesses sponsor squares and others sponsor squares for personal messages and it results in a fabulous assortment of colors and art all laid out on the street.

We got there early – on the first day as the artists were just getting started on their sections. Each section had a grid and often, there were multiple artists per grid.

chalk artists

That guy lying down in the photo above was 100%¬†focused on the eyes of his painting first …


… and days later when we returned to see the finished products we got to see how amazing this chalk painting turned out to be.

chalk painting



The colors of chalk were amazing – every artist had dozens of boxes of chalk.

boxes of chalk

The artists used a variety of techniques, including brushes, water, hand vacuums, and more.

chalk artist

chalk street art

This young woman’s painting was dedicated to the recent shooting events here in Santa Barbara – the face on this one is amazing and the artist was so pretty and delightful.

chalk street art



As you can imagine, the artists got dirtier and dirtier as each day came to a close. It’s a three-day festival and the art will remain on the street until it wears away throughout the year.

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