There is nothing weird about this

So, I’ve ended up on the Harvest Wine Raffle committee, helping the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden raise money by giving away cases of wine.

Now, this right up my alley.

So, one of the things we decided to do was take some photos of bottles of wine in the Garden – you know, for the advertising flyers, the social media, banners, signs, etc. So, being the willing little helper that I am, I dragged out a nice pretty bottle and ran around the garden taking pictures of the bottle in all kinds of places.

On fence posts …

Wine in the Garden

On rocks …

Wine bottle on rocks

On steps …

Wine on steps

Now, one might think that a small woman running around a public place with a bottle of wine and a camera would attract attention … and it did. A few tourists looked askance at me as I carefully positioned the bottle in the branch of a tree.

Wine in a tree

This was probably the trickiest positioning, I have to say.

One guy remarked in passing, “I guess she really loves that wine.”

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