Sailing around the USS Reagan

Last weekend, the USS Reagan was parked in the channel off Santa Barbara. Now this is one big ship, my friends. We have sailed around cruise ships, but there is a 500 meter rule when you are approaching this particular vessel because (as you have already guessed), it’s military.

Can you tell how far 500 meters is on the water? We couldn’t … more on that later.

Everyone in town has flocked to see this ship. Sailors covered the area.

military ship in the harbor

There were lots and lots of sailboats out today too – it was a perfect windy day. Not too much breeze but just enough.

steve sailing

We had planned on going wine-tasting on this day, but when do you get near-perfect sailing weather and big military ship to sail around? At least that’s what this guy is thinking …


So on that 500-meter rule? Well we broke it – as did many others that day – and the harbor police chased us down with blue lights spinning and called out over their big horn: “Good morning captain! We are enforcing a 500 meter perimeter. You are within 250 meters. Please turn your ship port immediately.”

At least they were polite about it. 🙂

We turned to port and gained some distance from the boat and when we tacked back into the wind to come around the other side, the harbor patrol pointed their little speedy boat back at us again.

harbor patrol

So, we guessed we were too close again and we turned away … we weren’t the only ones who made this mistake. There were two patrol boats and they used up a lot of fuel that afternoon chasing all us locals around.

Just look at all the technology on that ship! Very impressive.

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