First Bathroom Reno has Begun

A couple of weeks ago, I posted ‘guess what this means‘ and this weekend, we started the demolition effort. This time, demolition meant renting a jackhammer-like thing and boy was this fun!

After removing the ugly vanity, we had plain boring tile on the floor …

boring tile

and Mr. Man rented this thing to smash the grout lines and break the tile up (yep, that’s an even uglier linoleum underneath).


After he got started, I took a whack at it and boy is that noisy dirty fun! It was heavy too. It made short work out of getting rid of the tile – all the way to the concrete.

no tile

We got a start on the tile along the walls, but will finish that later.

shower tile

The electrician comes this week. Both of the tiny bathrooms were on the same circuit. If two hair dryers were going at the same time, we’d have had a mess.

Once the noise and dust cleared Max came to investigate and found it all rather boring.


Down to one toilet and back in construction hell. I don’t mind. After this, we start on the outdoor patio room and I’m super excited about that!

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