Dropped my Camera after a 40-Mile Ride

Ouch, without a camera, I’m useless as a blogger. So a week ago, I was in a bike tour that went wonky and I was so tired at the end of it – and late for volunteering at the Botanic Gardens – I put my camera on the bumper of the truck and drove away without it.

My poor baby.

It started like this.

bike ride

Up  in the Santa Ynez valley through the beautiful wine country. Now, I’m what you might call ‘navigationally challenged’ and by that I mean without my Garmin, I’m lost. So, I was nervous about getting lost on this bike ride, but I had a map. I hooked up with two lovely ladies about my age (thinking they wouldn’t leave me behind too quick). They had done this ride before, so I thought all was good.



They took me TWICE down different wrong roads.

I did 18 miles before I even got to the start of the ride! I have never met two people more navigationally challenged than me, and why oh why did I have to meet them both together on this ride?


Even worse – They were faster than me. I go about 12-13 miles per hour and they were clearly clocking faster speeds – especially uphill. So, once I finally got on the right path, they left me in the dust. Sheesh!


There were no signs at the corners where you were supposed to turn like they do on Santa Barbara bike rides.

The map and directions were also wrong – I ran into many people who went all the wrong ways, some even had the smartphone app thing and they were off path.


In short, it was a disaster, but a pretty ride and what more can you ask for really?

They found my camera and because I had left a message with the race founder asking about lost cameras, my camera and I are reunited.

What did I learn?

Have your OWN map – don’t trust their maps.

Don’t ride on the two-lane roads – just felt too dangerous.



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  1. ellen lukasik
    June 29, 2014

    Wow! What an adventure. Glad it all turned out ok!

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