Wine Tasting in Celebration of Summer

After the disaster of a bike tour, we went wine tasting. We have these summer passes – $40 gets you tastings at 15 wineries until August 31st. We had to get a move on!

We tried the Daniel Gehrs tasting room first …

daniel gehrs wines

Because this one was the official greeter.


And these lovely ladies admitted they put Chloe out on the bench to lure people into the wine room.

daniel gehrs wines

Worked for us!

They also have a lovely backyard patio, so I recommend coming to this place with a lunch and sitting out there.

wine tasting

The wines were pretty yummy and we got a few bottles. We liked their Chardonnay and their Cab is delightful. Plus some lovely port for my sister and brother-in-law as a bribe to send us some Colorado whiskey Mr. Man loves.

Then, it was on to Gainey where they were having a summer celebration.

You gotta love a place that greets you with a goodie bag and a loaf of fresh bread. Man that cheese was awesome!

gainey summer party

The cupcakes lasted about 2 seconds.


We got in line for a jeep tour and they gave us more wine!

more wine!

Steve came back and waited with me.

waiting for the jeep tour

We got to hear about growing grapes from the head grower.
head grower

Anyone recognize this barn from a famous movie?

barn on gainey property

The jeep ride was super windy!


After that, it was off to the place where they make the stuff.

bottling wine

After that, we were super hungry and we stopped at this place – Cold Spring Tavern. It’s in the Sideways movie and it’s a big local hangout.

cold spring tavern

Lots of bikers here mixed with people in fashionable clothes. While there is a restaurant in this ramshackle-looking building, everyone gets their tri-tip sandwiches outside from this guy.

tr-tip sandwich

I didn’t get his name. He wasn’t chatty or even smile-y. I thought it best not to press the issue.

tri-tip sandwich

This is your basic sandwich – meat, bread, sauce. No veggies to screw it up. Good thing I’m not a practicing vegetarian right now.

So, that was our blast of a Sunday.


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