On the Summer Wine Pass tour – Brander Kitty Heaven

Further update on the summer wine pass tour.

Wineries tasted = 3

More wineries to go = 12

End of tour is August 31, will we make it?

So, we started at Brander. They have a Sauvignon Blanc that I have enjoyed at restaurants in Santa Barbara, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try their other wines.

summer wine passes

Nice entry way … the owner was born in Argentina and raised in Sweden, hence the multitude of flags.


Out in the courtyard, there were kitties.

brander kitties

This one was initially shy.

shy kitty

Until Steve went to get a drink of water and she decided to come and have some.

kitty water

When we went inside to taste wines, one of the servers had a small kitty over her shoulder. She had just adopted her and named her Pinot, but didn’t want to leave her home alone so she brought her to work. She let me hold her baby.

baby grey kitty

The wines were good. We bought a bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc and a red. More to come … we found an absolute gem of a winery to share with you. Our new favorite.



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