What’s a perfect day of sailing?

It’s a trick question – it’s one where nothing goes wrong!

I promise that we have been certified, that we have experience, and that we are constantly striving to be better sailors. Have I told you that we have ‘knot nights’ where we practice knots and quiz each other. We’re big loads of fun I tell ‘ya. Amid the folded laundry and two kitties, we’re tying knots and trying not to screw them up. When we do it in bed, we hope that the neighbors – who are ever so close in these tiny lots – don’t happen to look over and see us in bed with ropes strung everywhere. Could send an interesting message, don’t you think?

So, here’s my little bit of complaining: no matter how experienced I think I am, I can always do something stupid.

Last time we went sailing, we had 4 guests and Steve was backing out the boat – we had conferred, agreed upon our strategy for leaving the dock correctly. There was the big catamaran parked in a bad location for a smooth departure, so we were going to have to do a little expert maneuvering and what did I do? I left one of the stern bow lines attached to the dock.

No kidding.

Smoothest departure I’ve ever managed, no lines fouling the prop, nothing tangled, I didn’t fall overboard or get dragged off the dock hanging on to the safety lines … but I left us hooked to the dock.

Ergh! One of these days, I need to get the dock guys drunk and have them tell me all their worst stories and hope like hell one of them isn’t me. I think that would help – hearing about the other mistakes people make.

So, what happened this time?

We could not find the damn main halyard. That’s the line that hooks to the top of the sail and raises it. Without it, the sail doesn’t go up.

Even worse, we could find the secondary halyard, but it was badly tangled and wouldn’t work.

We finally located the main halyard and got it hooked up and had a glorious day. We had one lovely couple of friends on board and they were superbly patient as we worked out this latest issue.

perfect sailing day

Who said that mistakes are the best teaching instruments? Not sure, but boy are we making the use of our mistakes.

Still, it was a great sail. Nearly perfect wind and sun and not too hot. Amazing.

perfect sailing day

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