Doesn’t look like much, but this was a lot of work

So, the bathroom is coming along but wow, it doesn’t look like much at all. Yesterday Steve finished updating the plumbing. This took 4 trips to Home Depot to get all the right fittings. Several of those trips I completed, so don’t think I’m just the observer in this adventure. I don’t know how to do a lot of it, but where I can I do.

diy bathroom

That red stuff is some sealant and the fan is on it to dry it out. That’s all I know.

I did, however, get to use this thing to build the shower wall base of two by fours.

radial saw

First time I’ve ever used it. It’s loud and kinda terrifying. Even Max was impressed.


We ordered the vanity and have the tile, so today the liner goes in I think. Keep you posted.

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