Does it Look Like a Bathroom Yet?

So, the past two weekends have been ALL WORK, NO PLAY and I can tell you this: we are getting to be very dull people.

We put in the waterproof liner.

waterproof shower liner

We put in the slope thingie (yes, that’s the technical term, quit laughing at me).

slope thing

We mixed concrete (ow, my arms were hurting!) and poured it into the shower base.

concrete shower base

We lined the walls with waterproof plastic sheets.

waterproof plastic

We added the concrete backer board all round.

concrete backer board

And this is where I had to get some writing work done, so my guy has used the mud to fill in the seams and create a sure-proof shower base. What’s next?

We still have to install a pocket door (door is ordered).

We still have to tile everything.

We have to build the vanity.

I have to restore the toilet (it is not a low-flow and I won’t give it up).

We have to buy and install the bead board and paint and put up light fixtures and install the toilet … we have a way to go and visitors coming at the end of September, so just 4 weekends to finish all of it.


So, what are we going to do this weekend?

We’re taking a late birthday trip to Catalina Island. Four days of sun, biking, drinking, hiking, and fun. We NEED it.

What’s really great about DIY projects? We talk about silly things, like stuff we read on the Internet or stuff that’s going on at work. Stuff we don’t have time to talk about. We’re moving about, measuring stuff, and I’m learning to use a lot of tools I never touched before and he’s learning I know more than he thought I did about tools (at least I hope he is) and it’s fun.

So, this weekend is a break, and I’ll blog all about it. Then it’s back to work.

Don’t worry. I’m charging the camera now.


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