Birthday Weekend – Avalon on Catalina Island

Woohoo! We left the bathroom work and toilet scrubbing behind for a weekend on Catalina Island. If you’ve never been, you gotta go. It’s amazing. We headed out on the Catalina Express from San Pedro.

Backstory: my guy planned this getaway and had to reschedule because of work duties. I specifically did not ask where we were going not because I like surprises (I actually hate them) but because I like good surprises. This one was a great one too. I did almost ZERO research when he told me where we were going and he only told me so I’d know what to pack.

On the way out of the port was a lovely lighthouse and a photo for all you lighthouse-lovers (you know who you are).

san pedro lighthouse

I’m thinking this photo will be perfect for the new bathroom, but there are SO many to choose from. A short boat ride and we arrive at Avalon, Catalina Island.

avalon harbor catalina island

Yep, the water is that blue and no I did not modify this picture except to size it down. It’s an amazing place and just an hour outside of LA.

Some of the fun features of Catalina:

  • Most of it is privately owned by a Conservancy awarded by Wrigley (the gum guy)
  • Almost NO cars – all golf carts, scooters, and bikes

Not sure why, but some of the golf cart folks need student driver status.

student-driver golf cart

There is a lovely casino and it has nothing to do with gambling. Apparently the word ‘casino’ is Italian for gathering place and this one has one of the first theaters with NO SPEAKERS. The sound is so amazing in there you can hear everything said across the theater and no speakers are necessary.

catalina casino

We watched the boats come in and settle before dusk. “I want that mooring ball, honey! Take me there.”

mooring ball catalina

That was day one – drive, ride on a boat, run all around town, watch and get to bed early. Wait until you hear what day two brought.

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  1. ellen lukasik
    August 26, 2014

    Wow! What a way to celebrate one’s birthday.

    We close tomorrow and move on September 10th. Details later.



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