Don’t Think of the Miles Honey, Look Views!

So, don’t get me wrong. I know better than to believe my guy when he says this walk or that hike or this bike ride will be no big deal. He waves his hands around and shows me how the hill will go like this – not super high, just gentle rolling hills. He pulls out maps and shows me the distance is so short. It will be like a walk in the park on Sunday.

I learned YEARS ago not to believe him.

His intentions are perfectly good. I don’t fault him on it, and to be sure I have willingly committed myself to these torturous adventures in endurance for over 20 years not. I’m 100% culpable but I have to say this one was a surprise to both of us.

The bike ride from Avalon over to Two Harbors was supposed to be 7 miles with some ‘good hills’. Turns out it was over 18 miles one way and the elevation gain was thousands of feet. This was like doing a fourteener at sea level folks. With a bike. In the heat.

Good thing I love him.

A photo from the top.

view from the top of Catalina

The view in the morning was incredible. The structure you can just see the edge of was built by the Boy Scouts. The sign on the structure read: Leave no trace. But if you do, make it awesome! I have to say this resting place was very awesome.

Next on the path.

watch for foxes

We saw no foxes, but looked hard for them everywhere. They’re smarter than we are though. Probably hunkered down in a nice cool den with plenty of clean fresh water and snacks. Maybe a ceiling fan to ruffle the air while they nap. Brilliant!

We did, however see this guy.

catalina buffalo

Can’t see him? A closer zoom:


Want more? Here you go:


Yep, that’s a big hairy buffalo. On an island. According to the stories, a small herd of buffalo were brought to the island for the movie Zane Grey’s The Vanishing American. Except they never used the buffalo in the film. They did, however, abandon them here and the herd grew quite large. The word in Catalina is that they’re distributing birth control to the buffalo now to keep them from having too many babies.

A little further along we get to the Airport in the Sky where a big map and a friendly gentleman convinced us (as if we had much doubt at this point) that going all the way to Two Harbors could be a mistake. So it, was:

  1. Turn around
  2. Take a different loop that was a little less awful

We chose option 2 and carried on. A little further we pull over to see this beautiful view …

little harbor catalina

35+ miles later we pulled into Avalon, hot, super dirty, smelly and tired but hey we did it. More sights tomorrow from around town – our rest day.

… and for Steve to take pictures of an eagle flying over head checking us out.

steve on catalina

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  1. ellen lukasik
    August 29, 2014

    Wow! What a grand experience for you two!

    Love the bison. Hope they are “happy” on their island.


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