Rest Day on Avalon

Our rest day after the long bike ride started out here – yep, that’s a candy store folks.

candy store avalon

They also happen to be just a few doors down from our hotel and they had coffee, chai tea, and pastries. After the ride the day before, we were looking for calories and anyone who knows Steve knows his love for sugar.

After that, a half-hour walk to the botanic gardens and at the back of the gardens is a big memorial for Mr. Wrigley who saved the island from ruin multiple times and donated most of it to the Conservancy that now operates it.

wrigley memorial

It was pretty as memorials go.

wrigley memorial

Later, people watching and walking along the shore looking at the boats.

avalon shore

More golf carts …

golf carts avalon

More ocean views

avalon catalina

Then, the Avalon Theater which is in the historic Casino (not-for-gambling-but-for-gathering). This theater was old style gorgeous and had no speakers. It was built such that sound carries so well speakers are not necessary. Amazing sound in this place.

avalon theater

They even had someone playing an organ!

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